Seventeen students out of the 80 strong College, based at Perth Modern School in Subiaco will attend the Royal Ballet School in the United Kingdom and the Salzburg International Ballet Academy in Austria.
Nine students were selected for the prestigious Royal Ballet Summer School in London Christopher Hogg (Yr 8), Jessica Evans (Yr 8),  Adam Alzaim (Yr 8),  Sarah Gatzonis (Yr 9), Paige Macliver (Yr 9), Brantley-Marie Philpot (Yr 9), Kirby Selchow (Yr 9), Timothe Audin (Yr 9), and Brodie James (Yr 9) will leave for the United Kingdom in July.

There are only 400 places offered in the exclusive Royal Ballet program and thousands worldwide apply every year. This is the third year that students have been accepted by the Royal Ballet Summer School and follows the success of last year when seven students were selected and one, (Timothe Audin) won a Royal Ballet Summer School scholarship.
Seven students, Jessica McKemmish (Yr 11), Jessica Rogerson (Yr 11), Samantha Ryan ( Yr 11), Carolyn Visser (Yr 11), Natalie Fahey (Yr 12), Mikaila Roe (Yr 12), Jessica Sue Steyntjes (Yr 12), and Stephanie Ward (Yr 12) were selected for the equally prestigious Salzburg International Ballet Academy.

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