Andrew McClellandWith his Somewhat Ambitious Solution for Making the World a Better Place (in general) Andrew McClelland carries on from the tradition of his shows past (History of Pirates, Secret Society Show, Mix Tape) to deliver another irrepressible Comedy Festival performance. A natural performer who couldn't be more at home in front of an audience, McClelland has a wonderful knack of straying from the topic at hand with hilarious results. 

As McClelland informs us, his ambitions to make the world a better place (in general) were born after he was (almost) beaten up by a bunch of teenagers - strangely enough his rigorous reasoning and verbose threats made little impact on them. Being "the Chuck Norris of words" was not enough. It hit home - it was time to go beyond self-defence and take serious action. Hence, the seeds for the show were sown.
Attempting to solve the world's dilemmas in 60 minutes was always going to be a challenge, so McClelland goes straight for the big guns: racism, politics, drugs, religion. Once we reach this part of the show he really lets loose, sinking his teeth into the subject matter, feeding off the audience and issuing his solutions to each of the world's major problems one by one with such manic energy that we can't help but get swept up in them.

With an infectious presence, a mind so agile you'll never know where it'll go next, and the ability to skip effortlessly from one character to another, McClelland is a joy to watch. To reveal his brilliantly unlikely solutions would spoil everything! You'll need to find out for yourself how much fun solving the world's problems can be.

Andrew McClelland's Somewhat Ambitious Solution for Making the World a Better Place (in general)

Venue: Alley Bar, ACDC Lane, off Flinders Lane, btw Russell & Exhibition Sts, Melbourne
Dates: April 5th – 29th (No show Mondays)
Times: Tue - Sat @ 8.30pm, Sun @ 7.30pm
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