Tim Minchin Oh sweet prince of dissonance I don’t care how “so f**king rock” you are, keep your little paws of my one-hundred-and-ten year old Beale. Tim Minchin smiles manically under his mask of mascara and brushed hair but you can’t fool a home crowd – Perth was happy to see him back, witty as ever and playing to a full house. This, on derby night, is pretty god damn impressive.


In today’s world of slightly stupid, drugged up comics who stand on stage just to look over marketed and recite material that some poor, probably starving and unknown writer penned for them, words cannot express how sweet and refreshing it is to see people of all ages flock into ‘the maj’ to see a performer as obviously intelligent, talented and with some real musical technique such as Tim.


Finally having the chance to see Tim Minchin perform his well known routines (well, they were to me maybe I’m just a freak from Perth?) feels comfortable and familiar, but never boring – like that Schubert piece I can play on my piano with my eyes closed sitting backwards. Minchin has collected fans of all ages over the years and this was very suitably exhibited with 17 year old school girls giving gifts of clothing and wine (where did she get that wine from?) and uh, ‘more mature’ ladies giving standing ovations. Then there is the online fan following who write solely in haiku. His sharp, biting lyrics and vastly middle class ideology had the audience giggling, snorting and smiling right through the night. Except that couple near me who didn’t seem to find anything remotely amusing. Maybe they shouldn’t have come.


Any performer has got to be happy when the patrons walk out of the theatre and through the city singing their songs. That’s exactly what I heard driving home. One reviewer has already suggested that Tim Minchin pushes the limits of good taste a little too far…I say “Nevaahh!” In a Minchin show, swearing, ‘bad’ taste and cheeky cleverness is obligatory. It’s the revenge of the nerds.


I won’t go into too much detail about the program as Minchin still has the east coat to tour. Watch our Melbourne and Sydney…..he’s coming….

(Check out www.timminchin.com for tour dates and details)

Tim Minchin
Live at The Maj

Venue: His Majesty’s Theatre, Hay Street, Perth
Dates: April 13 - 14, 2007
Times: 8.00pm
Bookings: BOCS ticketing (08) 9484 1133

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