The Sound of Music Drag ShowMelbourne Drag legend Amanda Munroe alongside her hilarious team - AKA “The Showbags” has been wowing audiences for eons. They have changed the face of drag, with irreverent witty and artful makeovers - this MICF is their most timely debut to the comedy mainstream

What's the difference between a Drag Queen and a Football Hero? 
Well, a football hero has made his reputation at skillfully handling only one ball at a time. Actually football heroes only dress up for Pie Nights and The Footy Show. Drag Queens have too much fashion sense for the clobber that they wear. Oh, and unlike football heroes, if we're Best and Fairest the rest of the team is jealous.  

What's the difference between a Drag King and a Drag Queen. 
A Drag King is like a combination of Elvis in Las Vegas and your mom dressed for the gardening. Drag Queens wear the sort of clothes that lesbians wouldn't be seen dead in. Why wear one colour when you can wear them all! We both take the piss though, so apart from plumbing we're not far apart really. 

What’s the difference between a Drag Queen and a “ larrikin” Drag Queen? 
A Drag Queen is pretty much always a larrikin, unless they're actually convinced that she IS Whitney Houston- in which case it’s probably time for rehab. Like your classic larrikin, your larrakin drag queen doesn't have much very respect for cows, sacred or otherwise, and will send up pretty much anything, including their own little self. I mean, it’s a bit hard to take yourself seriously when you're a bloke in a frock miming a record.  

Why The Sound of Music? 
Well if you're looking for a sacred cow or two to take a potshot at then Sound of Music has it all. A naive and demanding virgin, a randy Baroness from Berlin, a strict but loving parent into discipline, a lot of children. Which means statistically that there was at least one fruit loop in the breakfast bowl, and of course an ancient Mother Superior who was probably into white slavery the way she shuffled off Maria to the Captain. Oh and we liked the songs, well mostly, if you leave out the boring bits, which we did.  
What are some of the darkest twisted twists?
Well that's opening the door on modern family life isn't it? Imagine Paris Hilton big boned and beefy and you have the fate of that poor little telegram delivery boy Rolf. They eat a lot of cabbage and sausage in Austria I've been told, you know what that does to the digestion. I'm talking Farts boys and girls. The mainstay of the rough and ready Austrian sense of humour. One fart – ya ya - is funny. Two farts - ya ya - is twice as funny. Three farts and stop I am falling over. 

Drags Aloud presents
The Sound of Music Drag Show

Venue: Bosco Theatre, Federation Square
Dates: 5th – 15th April (no show Mondays), Previews 5th – 6th April
Times: Tuesday – Saturday 8.30pm, Sunday 7.30pm
Tickets: $ 22.00 Full, $16.00 Conc & Tightarse Tuesday
Bookings: Ticketmaster 1300 660 013, or at the door

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