An Australian television writer will receive $25,000 to develop a new screen project under a joint initiative announced today by the Australian Writers’ Foundation (AWF) and FOXTEL.

The FOXTEL Fellowship will allow the selected writer to develop a new project for television of their own choosing and develop it to the stage where it can be presented to market.
The Fellowship, funded by FOXTEL, will be awarded to a scriptwriter recognised for excellence in writing for television and will be judged on body of work that is impressive in its craft, scope and impact.
The AWF/FOXTEL initiative recognises the contribution of television writing to the development of the Australian cultural landscape; rewards and encourages excellence and achievement; and facilitates the development of quality new screen projects. It marks a significant level of confidence in Australian writing talent.

The FOXTEL Fellowship is one of three new initiatives in a partnership with the Australian Writer’s Foundation.

The AWF is the professional development division of the Australian Writers’ Guild (AWG) and AWF President, Geoffrey Atherden said the FOXTEL Fellowship forms part of an important industry relationship between Australia’s leading subscription television provider and the peak professional body representing Australian television writers.

”The FOXTEL fellowship builds on the AWF’s ongoing commitment to providing Australian scriptwriters with relevant and rewarding professional development opportunities,” he said.

“This will give a writer the chance to refresh themselves creatively and develop a unique project with industry support.”

FOXTEL Chief Executive Kim Williams AM said that FOXTEL recognised the need to cultivate Australian writing talent to continue the important job of telling Australian stories on television.
“FOXTEL has produced high quality Australian dramas like the award winning Love My Way and Dangerous. We understand the role of writers in the success of those series and we want to encourage writers to continue presenting outstanding content to us for production.
“FOXTEL believes our partnership with the Australian Writers’ Foundation and the provision of these three initiatives is an important contribution to the development and sustainability of the Australian local production industry,”
he said.

In addition to the Fellowship, FOXTEL and AWF will also jointly establish an annual landmark address to be delivered by a well-known Australian writer on the topic of their choice. FOXTEL is also supporting the AWF history program that will record for posterity an audio- visual record of writers whose work has contributed to the development of Australian culture.

The recipient of the FOXTEL Fellowship will be announced at the Australian Writers’ Guild AWGIE Awards on August 31, 2007.

Entry to the FOXTEL Fellowship is open to Full members of the Australian Writers’ Guild. For details on membership and how to apply go to

Applications close 5.00pm Friday 18 May 2007.

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