At 73 years old, Humphries is in remarkably good form. While Sir Les and Sandy Stone are still fresh, Dame Edna lacks some of the satirical bite and depth of character that made her a megastar.

Capture the Flag
In Berlin, on May 4, 1945, these boys are awakening to the fact that the game they were engaged in just a few weeks ago, which lends the play its title, is being played-out for real, in the streets above their manhole.

Thore House
The creation of expat Swedish actress Danijela Hodges, Thore House is set in an erotic nightclub and tells the interwoven stories of several of its denizens.

Wilding is careful to keep the audience guessing and their sympathies swinging by making the situation unsettlingly ambiguous.

My Fair Lawyer
While there’s more than a smattering of sparkling one-liners, too many are laboured and teetering on cliché. The references to the musical whose name the play parodies are scant and practically pointless.

Howard Brenton’s play Paul is the extraordinary story of St Paul, whose faith and fanatical commitment, in the playwright’s view, was as important in establishing the Christian religion as Christ himself.

New Romantics
George Balanchine’s 1928 work, Apollo, seemed an appropriate way to open The Australian Ballet’s new production, New Romantics.

City For Sale
City for Sale is a slick modern comedy based not so much on an Orwellian ‘Brave New World’ as a Swifter version of a past one, back to the future of feudalism.

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