danse (1)
danse (1) is based on interesting concepts of exploring the space, extending its limitations and possibilities.

The Art of War
While all things are meant to be fair in love and war, they aren’t. Yet that doesn’t stop these two timeless x-treme sports sharing many similarities.

Night Time #2
Carriageworks is a fantastic venue, and like many others I have often been inspired by the unique foyer spaces on previous visits. To see the whole place come alive for Night Time is truly invigorating.

Roberto Zucco
Although sometimes plays with fractured or otherwise de-emphasised plotting can be thoroughly entertaining, I found the narrative here to be highly unengaging.

In The Furnace
This is Andrew Morrish, a performer full of random gestures, unlikely contradictions and bizarre impulses

Michael Craig, ably assisted, as it were, by a charming performance from Catherine McGraffin, goes out with a bang in this deservedly lauded American play

Tender is an emotional revelation, wherein the narrative is, ultimately, incidental to its thorough and gentle expositions of the nature, and character, of love, loss, grief, memory, resilience & relationships

Seasoned entertainer Issi Dye has been doing his one-man tribute to the legendary Al Jolson since 1999, and in the 600-plus performances he has made on tour he has evidently refined his act to the point where it is so convincing that seeing him out of character can be quite a jolt.

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