Anna In The Tropics
It’s the tail end of the roaring 20s; machines are coming of age, romance is dying (or is it?), but cigars are still hand-rolled with love and dedication in a small family factory in Tampa, Florida.

Varla Jean Merman
Not Nicole Kidman on anatomic steroids, but the love child of Ethel Merman and Ernest Borgnine, diva extraordinare Varla Jean Merman brassily boasts a treasure chest of cabaret mayhem.

Ying Tong
A dramatic journey to the centre of Goon comic genius - Spike Milligan's mind of lost marbles at the time of his mental breakdown.

The Folding Wife
A woman and two men enter the space. She strips down to her underwear, and the men begin to move around her, adding and subtracting things from her mannequin-like body.

The Curious Pain of Louis XIV
A Mistress, Black Magic, Adultery and a King with an anal fistula. This music theatre production appears to have it all, but the sad truth though is that despite some genuinely decent performances from the ensemble the piece as a whole was lacking.

Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay!
Almost nothing could be considered too outrageous for this production, and it is an utter delight to watch.

Last One Standing
There are scenes where the dynamic relationship between the actors is like watching the ABC’s Australian Stories, sadly this is not realised throughout the entire piece.

The Rivals
Two squabbling couples? Tick. Comical servants? Tick. Cantankerous rich father figure? Tick. Mistaken identity? Tick. Improbable plot? Tick. Borat’s mankini? …well, a tick for that too, actually!