These femme fatales probably don’t have a destructive effect on anyone but themselves; subject, as modern women are, to a relentless barrage of self-critical thoughts and self-effacing remarks.

Romeo and Juliet
Matthew O’Sullivan has directed a very solid production of Romeo & Juliet for the Globe Centre, using pared-back staging that relies on performance and using his comparatively small but enthusiastic cast to good effect.

This Is A Play
Double bills such as this one can be a real delight, a welcome deviation from one’s theatregoing expectations.

Circus Oz
What sets Circus Oz aside from other new circuses, such as Cirque du Soleil, is their down to earth, Australian colloquial style that makes the performance all the more accessible.

danse (1)
danse (1) is based on interesting concepts of exploring the space, extending its limitations and possibilities.

The Art of War
While all things are meant to be fair in love and war, they aren’t. Yet that doesn’t stop these two timeless x-treme sports sharing many similarities.

Night Time #2
Carriageworks is a fantastic venue, and like many others I have often been inspired by the unique foyer spaces on previous visits. To see the whole place come alive for Night Time is truly invigorating.

Roberto Zucco
Although sometimes plays with fractured or otherwise de-emphasised plotting can be thoroughly entertaining, I found the narrative here to be highly unengaging.