Company | Kookaburra
Director Gale Edwards has produced a fascinating and compelling work with clear themes and filled with irresistible humour.

Dinner | Focus Theatre
‘Dinner’ is quite a surprise, as always Moira Buffini gives her characters very sharp tongues and a taste for going over the top.

Dead Caesar
This is the debut play from Chaser collaborator Chris Taylor; and the level of sophistication makes you wonder would it be produced by STC if it weren’t for his notoriety

The Merchant of Venice | Ride On
The main plot of the Merchant, like so many of Will’s comedies is about deception in appearances, the comedy of errors.

Dying City | Gaiety Theatre
This play is about sex used as a weapon whether active offensive or passive. It makes for great theatre because we still find it hard to face the issues that come with what must be the most complex emotional trigger in our battery of hormones.

Divine Harmonies
Beyond the array of prodigious technical & artistic skills, unmistakably in (abundant) evidence, lies a palpable humility, and understatement, which is refreshing in these times of celebrity egocentrism.

Forty Years On
Roger Gimblett's evocative production of Forty Years On, will slingshot to mind, memories of tuck shop milk bottle confectionery, stoggy custard school dinners and assembly hymns sung out of tune

A Porthole into the Minds of the Vanquished
A Porthole into the minds of the vanquished is just that - a porthole, a tiny vantage point which could do with some widening.

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