The Naked MC | Sista She
Throughout The Naked MC, the girls chart their journey through three clearly marked sections: Love, Colour, and Beauty.

Bob Downe
For Trevorrow and Connelli, pushing the boundaries of conventional sexual identity is a core theme. What’s fascinating is how differently they approach the task.

The Seed
The story of the prodigal’s return is of biblical origin but, in the hands of this accomplished writer, Kate Mulvany, it presents a very controlled and confronting dramatic plot.

Major Bang: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Dirty Bomb
A postmodern look at the post-September 11 culture of fear, in the face of very real terrorist threats and very surreal media hype

Love Lies Bleeding
Considering its potentially heavy subject matter, this ensemble play is also surprisingly amusing.

The Hypochondriac | Phoenix Theatre
This production of The Hypochondriac is one that will definitely have you laughing out loud, although it is a bit uneven at times.

Exit the King | Company B/Malthouse Theatre
“Exit the King” is a lesson in theatre. Every aspect and element of this production is of the highest standard I have seen this year.

How to be a Cloud and other life lessons
This delightful pair makes for a rewarding change to the consistent politically and socially topical comment that seems standard fare in today’s comedy delivered to shock and perhaps incense

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