Imagine Toi | Julien Cottereau
On a bare stage this charming clown was a hapless character blown from one sketch to the next.

Angry Young Women In Low-Rise Jeans With High-Class Issues
At times awkward and dull while at others riotously funny, this show is a mixed bag, but ultimately one well worth seeing.

The Story of the Miracle of Cookie’s Table
The Story of the Miracle of Cookie’s Table demonstrates Wesley Enoch's most sophisticated writing so far.

King Lear | Studio Company
This Lear is not huge in any way. Heavily trimmed, it remains focused on core themes. To those who know the work, it is honest if a little over-simplified.

The Great Library of Earth | Dancing Giant Productions
Using a science-fiction premise, this “grey comedy” takes place on an isolated archive facility far removed from Earth, in the equally distant year 16022.

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? | Company B
Benedict Andrews’ high energy production, for Company B Belvoir, makes this brilliant theatre classic, about a couple struggling to find meaning in their empty lives, feel like a brand new contemporary play.

Brilliant Monkey | Pork Chop Productions
Pork Chop Productions’ new play Brilliant Monkey is an engrossing and intriguing show by actor and first-time playwright Al Dukes.

Dinner with Friends | Fishy Productions
Donald Margulies’ play Dinner with Friends introduces us to two married couples who have been a close foursome of friends for over a decade

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