Class Enemy | NIDA
Class Enemy is a terrific piece of theatre, a riveting slow-burn perfectly realised by its exceptionally talented young cast.

Short Sweet + Dance
Short Sweet + Dance is an excellent opportunity for emerging and established choreographers and dancers to showcase new and, in many cases, innovative work.

Waikiki Hip | Wharf 2LOUD

This is an exciting and visceral evening of theatre and an important inclusion in the Wharf2Loud’s program

Attempts on Her Life | NIDA
Attempts on Her Life is an unconventional work, to say the least. Anti-narrative, anti-character, anti-structure…

One More Than One

If you want to see what sets theatre apart from film and television, come and see the two shows currently playing at the Darlo.

The Songbirds
'The Songbirds’ concert is a rare type of performance and a thoroughly entertaining event.

Dead Man Walking
Dead Man Walking is a searing, profound tale, and indeed one well suited to opera.

Mercury Fur | little death productions
This production masterfully captures the essence of the writing and its many layered satire on a dysfunctional society

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