Gilgamesh | Uncle Semolina (& friends)

The charm of this piece is the bright and enthusiastic performers: the playfulness and the engagement of children. The joy of exploration and expanding a joke (especially a fart joke) into the stratosphere.

Night Journeys | Take Away Theatre

What is the value of a house? Is it the market value? The stainless steel appliances? The location? Or the history it holds?

Simply Fancy | Pig Island
Simply Fancy is a rollicking adventure in which Brian, Julie and Roy search for a pineapple, kiwi fruit and guava to make a fruit salad for Grandma’s birthday present. Sounds simple? Well it ain't!

Keating! | Company B
Part of the brilliance of Casey Bennetto’s Keating!The Musical We Had To Have” is that it isn’t really a musical, either structurally or musically.

Destiny | The Australian Ballet
It is really difficult to appreciate the significance of this definitive period in ballet history when we now see ballet being performed in such diverse and experimental interpretations.

2,000 Feet Away | Frogbattleship / B Sharp
Something’s rotten in the state of Iowa. Terrible things are happening to children. Hysterical residents demand that something be done.

Respect – The Musical
Respect – The Musical is a light-hearted celebration of women and their place in American popular song. It is a fun and well-realised show that many ticket-buying Sydneysiders would certainly enjoy.

The Stirring | De Quincey Co.
This is a beautiful and unusual work, with excellent performances by the five dancers and some wonderful visual art as well.

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