Tiger Country | Maelstrom Productions & Griffin
Truth is indeed stranger than fiction, or at least it’s as strange here in Jonathan Gavin’s new play, Tiger Country.

The Bee | Darlinghurst Theatre & MoFuCoSu
What is it with Japanese culture? Why does it have an urge to create ever weirder and wackier entertainment?

Vital Organs | Easily Distracted & B Sharp

Jokes, songs about bacteria, facts about digestion and stories about bizarre sexual practices… all distractions from the heart, or perhaps the guts of the piece?

Sizwe Banzi is Dead
On face value, this story seems straight-forward, but the placement in the politically charged context of apartheid provides many subtexts and resonances

Life's a Lemon
‘Life’s a Lemon’ is billed as a Rock Musical. A musical it isn’t any more than mutton is lamb as Raylene observes in the show.

Hell Hath No Fury
The drawing room comedy doesn’t get a lot of attention in the repertoires of Australian playwrights however it seems that Wayne Tunks has taken it up with something of a vengeance

Tales From The Vienna Woods | Sydney Theatre Company
The play itself is a frolicking rollicking romp that’s like having a few too many schnapps and waking up in someone’s chalet with the cast of The Sound of Music all trying to get into each other’s pants.

Toy Symphony | Company B
Toy Symphony heralds the return of shining star Richard Roxburgh to the stage, after a seven year absence while he’s been romancing the big screen

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