James and the Giant Peach | new theatre

This is a story of Giant ambitious proportions, of wild imagination, geographic & scientific abandonment and rollicking audience participation.

Blackbird | Sydney Theatre Company
Don’t be put off by the subject matter of child abuse in David Harrower’s Blackbird. Moral sensitivities aside, this Laurence Olivier Award winning play is intriguing and challenging

Halpern & Johnson | Ensemble Theatre
McDonald and Szeps are brilliant as they break through the wall of the audience’s ‘Mother and Son’ baggage to bring to life two very different and endearing characters.

Billy Elliot the Musical
Anyway which way you look at it, Billy Elliot the Musical is as timely as it is well made.

Chopper's F*ckin Chrismas Bingo | Laughing Stock Productions
Spun off one of the character’s earliest sketches in which Chopper incongruously hosts a bingo night, this is a Yuletide show with a difference.

Juditha Triumphans | Pinchgut Opera

Religious persecution, military domination and the clash of cultures are themes that resonate strongly today

The Colour of August
This production has been touted as being about “covert lesbians”, but that seems an overly simplistic label for the convoluted relationship presented.

If you're in the mood for some great singing, superbly clever lyrics or simply to just laugh your arse off, Tripod’s Smaller Than Jesus is the best Christmas act around.

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