Show Us Ya Tiddas! | Lou Bennett
Lou Bennett, late of Tiddas, has always been a sublime singer and superb songwriter. That, or those, she remains; ’cept now she’s a whole lot more besides

The Vertical Hour
The Vertical Hour almost feels like going to the cinema to see a drama... but fuelled with the electricity of live theatre

Cabaret Decadanse | SOMA
‘I’ve never seen anything like it!’, proclaimed a woman behind me. Nor have I.

The Necks
Are they Australia’s avant-garde vanguard? Doyens of improvised music? Jazz? Trance? Ambient? New age (God forbid)? Yay, verily. And so much more

Silvertop Ash | Tunks Productions
The play powerfully engulfs the motif of Eucalyptus sieberi, a large hardwood that, typically, stands tall; head and shoulders over lesser trees.

The Club | HIT Productions
What is fundamentally wrong with this production is its resounding lack of subtlety.

Dark Angel | Camille

Camille is a dramatic and passionate singer and her reputation is well deserved

Corpus Christi | new theatre

As the play itself readily admits, this story has been told time and time again, so what is the purpose of this rather bent reinterpretation?

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