Corpus Christi | new theatre

As the play itself readily admits, this story has been told time and time again, so what is the purpose of this rather bent reinterpretation?

Blowing Whistles | Focus Theatre
This is a fine production, full of plenty of fun and good-humoured stirrings about sex, relationships and being gay in a big city

As You like It | Bell Shakespeare
Falling in love at first sight is always a cue for some good laughs, especially when false identities (and genders) are involved.

Hello Again | Gaiety Theatre

There is something very unique afoot at the Darlinghurst Theatre, something which stretches beyond the regular confines of independent theatre: A musical!

Much Ado About Nothing | Sydney Shakespeare Festival
Much Ado About Nothing, essentially, was and is the When Harry met Sally of the late 16th & early 17th centuries

A Year With Frog and Toad
A quick glance around the room revealed spellbound young faces, sometimes agape, but most striking were the beams of mothers and sundry adults, clearly transported, through the mists and delusions of nostalgia, deep into the magical nether-world of naivete

Impractical Jokes | Charlie Pickering

In a time when “war” is followed by the phrase “on terror”, it is surprisingly refreshing to be taken into the world of Charlie Pickering.

China | William Yang
Yang takes his audience on his journeys into China where he seeks a deeper understanding of his roots and to expose himself to the culture and people of his spiritual homeland

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