Titanic & Naomi in the Living Room
Naomi in the Living Room & Titanic comprise a double bill performing at the Newtown Theatre as part of the Mardi Gras Festival.

Andreas Scholl

Whilst I am not a religious person, hearing this beautiful music and sweet pure voice is somehow a spiritual experience.

Motortown | little death productions
If you like your theatre straight up, no icing, then this emotionally potent, low-budget gig is for you

Short + Sweet Gala Final
The Short + Sweet Gala Final and Awards Night was the climax of this year’s bumper installment of what’s billed as “The biggest little play festival in the world”.

A Masked Ball | Opera Australia

This production, which is now over twenty years old, is anything but exciting and looks quite worn out and drab.

The Soldier and Thief Wait on a Bridge Over the River Themes While Oblivion Waves Hello

In watching it, it appears Oliver Torr has cobbled together scenes based around several of his hobby horses.

The Seed | Company B
The Seed, while alluding to the disastrous effects of war including chemical poisoning and psychological trauma, is more an insight into family relations and the way in which we impact each other.

The Rocky Horror Show
It’s difficult to exactly put one’s finger on why the Rocky Horror Show is such an evergreen.

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