The 7 Stages of Grieving | Sydney Theatre Company
Purcell’s direction is fresh and, as sad as some of the story is, the touch is always light.

Keeper | Two Hour Traffic
Through the course of this tense one act play the three will find their friendships challenged and their allegiances turning on a knife’s edge

embrace: GUILT FRAME | De Quincey Co
embrace: GUILT FRAME sets out to explore these states, literally within an approximately 2x1 metre ‘gilt frame’. And wow, is it a roller-coaster journey

The Beauty Queen Of Leenane | Wildfire Theatre Company
Director Maeliosa Stafford has done an excellent job with this production. The focus is on the characters, and the actors all turn in dynamic performances.

Yasmin Levy
In a very real sense, she is a soul singer: there is a kind of visceral spirituality here; a ‘heart’ voice, not a ‘head’ voice, if you will

This Is How It Goes | Fishy Productions
This is How it Goes is blackly comic, playfully challenging the audience by removing the security of their ethical framework.

The Hatpin
The musical can bring together all the stimuli of our senses and concentrate them within our imagination to bring about an experience that lasts a lifetime. The Hatpin achieved just that

The Wettest Of The Wet Spots
The Wet Spots bill themselves as ‘sophisticated sex comedy’ and that’s about as whitewashed a descriptor as I can imagine

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