The Caucasian Chalk Circle | Black Swan Theatre Company
Created by Hotbed, the emerging artists ensemble associated with Black Swan Theatre Company, the show is dark, gothic, and absorbing

Oh What a Lovely War | WhipLash Theatre
Oh What a Lovely War, created in the 1960’s, is a stunning powerful play about the First World War

As You like It | deckchair theatre
As You Like It is one of Shakespeare’s funniest plays, and arguably one of the easiest to understand.

Dirty Pretty Nails | D Productions
After ten minutes, I realized I was trapped in a small room at times full of unlikely characters and their sometimes inaudible speeches and, at others, shouted outbursts of rage, all buried under an unbearable storyline

Arj Barker
Barker’s easy familiarity with the audience and laissez-faire style serves him well and has affirmed the comic Californian’s status as an Aussie favourite.

Memmie Le Blanc | deckchair theatre & Vitalstatistix
Let’s just say that you have to go see this. Beg, borrow or steal the ticket money and go. Go twice.

The Greatest Woman in the World | Agelink Theatre
About Maria Montessori, they've already said she was ahead of her time - she was introduced to a packed audience at New York's famed Carnegie Hall as “the greatest woman in the world”.

This production directed by Chris Kabay was slick, emotive and a magnificent night out.

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Performed in-the-round, by marvellously talented Luke Hewitt, Every Brilliant Thing is a work of...

White’s ingenuous charm held the audience spellbound for a set lasting just over an hour.