The Girls Stand Up

The girls certainly stood up on Friday night at the Comedy Lounge at the Charles Hotel.

Portraits of Modern Evil | The HotBed Ensemble
Confronting, thought provoking and full of talent – all that good theatre should be.

The Mercy Seat | Brainbox Project

The Mercy Seat takes a long time to come to the crux of the matter, but when it gets there, it comes into its own.

Far Away | Black Swan Theatre Company

Caryl Churchill’s play, Far Away is a dark and suspenseful modern fable about the ultimate world war and the breakdown of civilization.

Evan Kennea

This long and complex score would be hard work for only eight musicians, who between them generated a remarkable variety of sounds.

Quest: a Tell-Tale of the Heart | X-RoaDS COLlectIVE

In this self-devised one man show, Herbu delivers one of the most committed performances I’ve seen in a long time.

Big Purple Undies

The show is a combination of stand-up, story-telling, and performance poetry, and the energy levels that Kelman maintains throughout the show are impressive.

WASO At The Movies

WASO at the Movies provided a wonderful night of toe-tapping, tear-inducing entertainment.

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