Perspectives | Notre Dame Theatre

Performed by an ensemble of Notre Dame University’s theatre students, and Directed by Paige Newmark, Perspectives is an original production devised collectively by the ensemble.

Tank | CHAOS Ensemble

CHAOS Ensemble makes its main season debut at The Blue Room with the aquatic thriller-comedy TANK, written and directed by Daley King.

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate are a more polished ensemble than the first act and also in some cases degrees cooler and lower key. Their bouncy beat numbers were interspersed with a few nuanced sad storylines such as Emily.

Blanc de Blanc | Strut & Fret

Burlesque has enjoyed a significant revival in recent years. It seems its combination of dance, comedy, circus, music, theatre and striptease with a variety-show feel has struck a chord with modern audiences.

Cole | Michael Griffiths

Griffiths brought Porter to life with a showcase of witty numbers which were smart, sharply crafted reflections of the milieu in which he moved.

Nobody Owns The Moon | Spare Parts Puppet Theatre

On the whole, this is a wonderfully creative and insightful production, and a great opportunity for the family to enjoy a piece of theatre together which everyone can enjoy on their own terms.

Ghost Stories | Prince Moo Productions

Ghost Stories is, just as its title suggests, a play about scary stories. But, more than this, it is an exploration of the human psyche.

Tribute: The Story of [Insert celebrity]'s Rise to Fame

Wilkin is a strong performer with a big voice and the parodies of the star’s hit songs are clever in their purposefully banal, repetitive lyrics.

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