The Bald Soprano
A nettled thicket of social critique, violently funny and hysterically violent, the theatre of Eugène Ionesco is a theatre of modern entropy.

Don Quixote

Friday’s opening night performance marked the company’s 383rd performance of it. That’s a lot of practice at getting it right!

Love Child
Joanna Murray-Smith's Love Child is a beautifully crafted play that works both on a personal and a political level, whilst never falling into preachiness.

The Ghost Writer
Behind every great sporting hero “autobiography” hovering in the background is a humble ghostwriter.

Lawson - Demons & Dreams
Cullen is something of a rarity in Australian theatre, a consummate performer who has stood by his craft without compromise.

The Mack
The mundane reality of inner city Brisbane bleeds through into a world of greater mysteries, malign spirits, and the surveillance of the Moogi Man

The Nightwatchman
Daniel Keene’s The Nightwatchman is a contemplative, elegiac piece that explores the emotional reverberations between a father and his children as he prepares to move out of the family home.

Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks
A play that touches on issues of prejudice, deceit and ignorance, it does so with flair, but do not the title fool you. This is not a song-and-dance musical style show.

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Eastern Promises | Opera Queensland

Before this concert began, Patrick Nolan, the artistic director of Opera Queensland, told us that we were in for a treat. But it was much more than that. 

Ethiopian & Still Not Hungry | Joe White

White’s ingenuous charm held the audience spellbound for a set lasting just over an hour.