The Crucible
It is particularly appropriate that Arthur Miller’s modern classic The Crucible should be part of New Theatre’s 75th Anniversary season, as in 1958 the company was one of the first in Australia to stage it.

Macbeth: the Contemporary Rock Opera
The show is at its best when it indulges in the naturally dark world of betrayal and courtly intrigues, as it succeeds in drawing you into the twisted minds of the Macbeth’s.

Parramatta Girls
In Alana Valentine’s humourous yet tragic and ultimately uplifting play, Parramatta Girls, a group of former inmates of a juvenile detention centre reunite to expunge their demons.

Puppet Up! | Jim Henson Company
Following in the footsteps of many acclaimed American TV and film celebrities, Jim Henson’s furry little friends have taken their familiar charm to the stage.

Bandaged in white crepe, performer, Sara Black, twists her limbs with the precision of a surgeon’s knife to the hypnotic beeping of the industrial sonic landscape.

Walking With Dinosaurs
This is a spectacular event, with a suitably immodest light show. The dinosaurs (yes, the DINOSAURS) are big and fleshy, with movements used to good contrasted effect.

One Man Star Wars
This solo act does the impossible: he acts out Star Wars (A New Hope), The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi in the space of one hour. He plays every part, produces all the action, and left a very happy audience when he was done.

Yang’s delivery is impeccably timed and measured, bordering on stoic, yet it perfectly complements the images.

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Ethiopian & Still Not Hungry | Joe White

White’s ingenuous charm held the audience spellbound for a set lasting just over an hour.

A Very, Very Good Variety Show | Perth Cabaret Collective

The capacity audience at Downstairs at the Maj certainly got their money’s worth on Thursday night.