Half A Wake | Tracey Cosgrove
Having honed her skills as a comedian in Tasmania and performing in the national finals of RAW Comedy in 2011, Tracey Cosgrove is now bursting onto the national stage with her one woman show, Half A Wake.

Wild Women of Comedy

The Wild Women of Comedy have come to Melbourne's Revolt Theatre in a blaze of gorgeous smiles, figure hugging clothes and deadly senses of humour.

Linguistic Loonacy

Linguistic Loonacy is aptly named, but unfortunately neither the linguistic nor the lunacy facets of this particular show had been developed to achieve its latent comic elements.

Western Lullabies | Ali McGregor

McGregor has gathered her insanely talented friends in a laid back jam session where everyone gets the chance to sing their favourite song, lulling the crowd into blissful slumber.

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