Fiona O'Loughlin

She’s a hard-drinking, smoking, ex-nurse who has tales aplenty of bawdy behavior, medical disasters and family mix-ups.

Simply Fancy | Pig Island
The show draws heavily on bizarre characters, witty wordplay and sheer absurdity. The performers seem at home in this world and the viewing audience must be too, if they are to enjoy this odd confection

Tripod are superb musicians and great funnymen as demonstrated in their comedy/rock concert as part of this year's Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

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Quite Drunk, Very Jesus-y | Key Conspirators and North of Eight

Theology is a sensitive topic, it can both bring people together and completely polarise them.

The Beautiful Game | Manilla Street Productions

Producer and Director Karen Jemison has assembled an incredibly present, intelligent and enthusiastic young cast who burst onto stage with momentum and energy and rise together seamlessly to create strong and impressive ensemble work.

Happy-Go-Wrong | Andi Snelling

Searing words, focused choreography, bin liners and the struggle of living with lymes disease.

Splinter | Griffin Theatre Company

Nine months gestation and a baby girl is delivered. For four years, she is the light and love of her parents, and then she goes missing. For nine months.

Society | After Dark Theatre

If you like flips, tricks, circus routines, song and dance then this is the party to attend.

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2019 Sidney Myer Creative Fellows Announced

Courage is at the core of the Sidney Myer Creative Fellowships and this year; nine exceptional mid-career artists have been announced as 2019 Sidney Myer Creative Fellows.

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