Celebrity Theatresports | Impro Melbourne
Normally in a review, words and phrases like 'lack of preparation', 'unstructured' and 'hastily cobbled-together' would set off the alarm bells. But in Celebrity Theatresports, these things are the essence of the show and the very reason for its success.

Advice You Shouldn't Need | Matt Elsbury
Advice You Shouldn't Need is a pretty good premise for a show. In addition to providing an excuse to laugh at outrageously stupid warning labels (always fertile ground for a quick laugh) it's a chance to find some humour in our over-administered society.

Four Minute Warning
The show has a distinctly amateurish feel to it, which it plays up at times, but the frequently miscued sound effects are awkward and a little off-putting.

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Synthony and Brisbane Philharmonic Orchestra

I have seen classic, contemporary and experimental takes on orchestra, as I am sure many others have too – but I doubt many have seen something quite as grandiose and extravagant as the wild ride that Synthony takes you on.

Rainbow’s End | Darlinghurst Theatre Company and Moogahlin Performing Arts

The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow has been a long time coming for the First Nations people of Australia.

Bangalow Music Festival 2019

The Bangalow Music Festival, jewel of the classical music calendar of the Northern Rivers of NSW, has just had its 18th incarnation.

Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes & Dirty Beasts | shake and stir theatre co

Cleverly written and adapted from the Dahl poems, the show was slick and silly, funny and furiously paced throughout.

Let Men Tremble | The Danger Ensemble

Award winning experimental theatre company The Danger Ensemble delivers a challenging and at times confronting work in Let Men Tremble.

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