Celebrity Theatresports | Impro Melbourne
Normally in a review, words and phrases like 'lack of preparation', 'unstructured' and 'hastily cobbled-together' would set off the alarm bells. But in Celebrity Theatresports, these things are the essence of the show and the very reason for its success.

Advice You Shouldn't Need | Matt Elsbury
Advice You Shouldn't Need is a pretty good premise for a show. In addition to providing an excuse to laugh at outrageously stupid warning labels (always fertile ground for a quick laugh) it's a chance to find some humour in our over-administered society.

Four Minute Warning
The show has a distinctly amateurish feel to it, which it plays up at times, but the frequently miscued sound effects are awkward and a little off-putting.

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SHIT | Drill Hall Theatre Company

Employing a minimal cast and set, garnering maximum momentum from the first words uttered, SHIT is cutting-edge theatre – succinct, provocative, evocative, packing a punch from the moment the three actors set foot upon the stage.

Cluedo! The Interactive Game | Brisbane Immersive Ensemble

The infamy of Cluedo has returned from it's board-game glory, finding a new home tucked away in the labyrinth of Baedecker in Fortitude Valley.

Made To Measure

There’s a lot to chew on in Made To Measure, Alana Valentine’s three-handed examination of finger pointing and tongue lashing regarding body shape and fat shaming.

Dreamland | NORPA

Connection to community is displayed in all its glory, with tears, laughter and a band that satisfies on every level.

American Psycho – The Musical | BB Arts & Two Doors Productions

This intense, hilarious, and unsettling romp satirically literalises the madness of the ‘80s capitalist fever-dream that birthed the nightmare of the increasingly iniquitous world we are now living in.

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Liz Jones announced as recipient of 2019 Sue Nattrass Award

Live Performance Australia is pleased to announce Liz Jones AO as the recipient of this year’s Sue Nattrass Award.

Nakkiah Lui announced as the 2018 STC Patrick White Playwrights Fellow

Sydney Theatre Company announced last night that Nakkiah Lui is the 2018 STC Patrick White Playwrights Fellow.

Hamilton to premiere in Sydney 2021

Hamilton will make its Australian premiere at the Sydney Lyric Theatre in a new production beginning March 2021.

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