The Australian Shakespeare Company, now in it’s 35th year of operation presents The Comedy of Errors with the same flair and panache audiences have come to expect over three decades of starlight memories and unique productions.

Audiences are back... for a frolicky musical borne from a movie, borne from nostalgia for the 1980s.

Every performance as compelling and as strong as the next. Rarely do you see such equity on stage, a testimony of course to the remarkable talents of each individual but also the cohesion that can only be attributed to the director.

SICK begins from the idea of living with autism and the "impulse to act out of the ordinary".

In our post-COVID, jacked-up, Zoomed-out haze, can we take any more digital content at this stage?

Arthur Miller RIP. Willy Loman is alive and well and in the excellent hands of Hearth Theatre in the heart of Melbourne.

Having seen Watch This at work before, the calibre of performer and performance in this production was absolutely as expected and so incredibly high.

In an interesting departure from the Melbourne Theatre Company’s usual fare of big budget, razzle dazzle productions, Touching the Void is a refreshing change for the company.

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