Exit the King
With such talent come high expectations. Happily this reviewer was far from disappointed, how could you be when presented with such a memorable night of great theatre.

Miss Saigon
Twelve years after it’s Australian premiere in Sydney, Miss Saigon has finally arrived in Melbourne. And it was worth the wait.


Asylum! In today's world the word conjures up the image of asylum seekers, refugees fleeing political persecution in their homeland and seeking sanctuary in Australia.

With its spectral bodies and sea of words, all floating about in the chiaroscuro of memory, Anna Tregloan's Black is a difficult work to categorise.

Macbeth: the Contemporary Rock Opera
The show is at its best when it indulges in the naturally dark world of betrayal and courtly intrigues, as it succeeds in drawing you into the twisted minds of the Macbeth’s.

Walking With Dinosaurs
This is a spectacular event, with a suitably immodest light show. The dinosaurs (yes, the DINOSAURS) are big and fleshy, with movements used to good contrasted effect.

Ashes to Ashes
When we enter the space, descending two flights of stairs in single file, the world outside is still a deep, but darkening, blue; when we leave it, an hour later, night has (irrevocably?) fallen.

The Bald Soprano
A nettled thicket of social critique, violently funny and hysterically violent, the theatre of Eugène Ionesco is a theatre of modern entropy.