Dolly Di*mond's Bl*nkety Bl*nks

This should have happened years ago and if the programmers at Network 10 have any foresight, they’ll be on the phone to her any day now.

At The Movies | Dice Paper Roll

If you like Dungeons and Dragons see this show!

Gifted Underachiever | Cal Wilson

Cal Wilson is the delightful pocket sized performer with stories of suburban life that will appeal to a wide ranging audience.

Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999 | James Acaster

You may have seen him on Netflix with his quirky style and very well crafted material. If you come with expectations you won't be disappointed but perhaps a little surprised. Because this time Acaster is a bad ass!

The Merger | Damian Callinan

The enigmatic storyteller that is Damian Callinan returns to Melbourne with his one man show The Merger.

The Irrelevant Redundancy | Maria Bamford

Bamford is the quiet, understated voice that will always offer the loudest challenge to inequality or injustice or hypocrisy.

MacDeth | Company 13

It’s a super-slick, often hilarious romp of a tragedy yet MacDeth still manages to slow down and give pause to the more serious sections that deserve consideration.

West Side Story

In any field there are the standards, the yardstick by which all others in that arena are measured and in musical theatre – many regard West Side Story as that benchmark.

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Despite its seemingly bleak subject matter, Come From Away is joyous, hilarious, hopeful,...