The Tragical Life of Cheeseboy | Slingsby

The youngsters in the audience weren’t the only rapt ones in this simple, delightful tale, charmingly told. We all love a good story and if children are plied with stories and fantasy such as this, who knows where their stimulated imagination will take them as they grow up?

The Great War | Hotel Modern

Of the Hotel Modern theatre company, three puppeteers and the sound effects man do it all on stage in a process so defined and organised that it took them 6 months to rehearse it.

Albert Einstein: Relativitively Speaking | Tangram Theatre

As always with teaching, it is the enthusiasm of the teacher that wins the day. It is their excitement and passion that stirs minds in and out of the classroom. John Hinton certainly does his bit to instil some of his eagerness for knowledge to young and old.

The Lost and Found Orchestra

What an experience! It’s physicality was a matter of bodily sensation. If this was the vibe of the Festival, it will certainly go with a bang!

The Far Side of the Moon | Ex Machina

It is a remarkable play, performed by a truly remarkable actor. It is a sad, funny, astonishing, brilliant, interesting, thought-provoking and utterly energizing play.

Memorial | Brink Productions

Apart from a deep understanding of the poem itself, timing, phrasing, nuance and feeling all have to be there, all of which Morse gives to this massive work.

Hamlet | Glyndebourne Festival Opera

Michael Tippet famously said that to set a text you must first “break the back of the poetry”. I have never seen this done more effectively than in this opera.

In the Club | State Theatre Company South Australia

The men who abuse just don’t get it and it’s not in their interest to do so. But, if this play is a good portrayal of the truth, the women don’t either.

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