Everything's F**KED | AutoPilot Productions
This experimental and high energy excursion into early 21st century “popera” makes good theatre, but I can’t see it enjoying the longevity of its generic predecessors.

Varekai opens with an explosion of colourful creatures preening and playing in a mythical surround. It’s a world to which we are convincingly transported for the next couple of hours.

Triple Threat | State Theatre Company of South Australia
Three plays, three authors and three directors: a worthwhile attempt to encourage young directors by the State Theatre Company, and a worthy celebration of the company’s 35th birthday

Cat | Windmill Performing Arts
The story traces a day in the life of Cat in her backyard and shows the trials and excitement living with the other creatures there; the butterflies, a caterpillar, frog, dog, chicken, mouse, birds and fish.

Edna Everage
It was clear at the very first centre-stage revelation of the Dame in piquant pink to the final bow of Barry Humphries himself that we were in the presence of a master.

Bob Downe
High energy, high camp and “Hi Darling” still characterise the work of Bob Downe, one of Australia’s favourite and most exposed comedians.

Licence To Thrill
Ian Fleming has left us a legacy of more than just 12 novels and 8 short stories featuring the suave and lethal James Bond.

Issa’s music varies from swelling sounds to splashes of spoken word.

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