Rachael Beck
Christmas in Australia was a definite theme of this misnamed “Proms” concert, which was also prettily peppered with the more traditional stuff

Two Old Queens
At the base of it all it’s relationships that count – whether you are a Queen or a queen.

The Choir of Westminster Abbey
Imagine the soaring vaults, the stately gothic arches, the stained glass windows, the antique grandeur of the stone pillars

In Australia to promote his new book Cultural Amnesia, Clive James is performing a select number of shows Out on His Own!

Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks
Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks uses dance lessons as a metaphor for the life lessons the characters learn from one another.

Into The Woods | The Gilbert and Sullivan Society of South Australia
This production sees the salad of storybook characters charmingly and whimsically pursuing their various dreams in the woods

Candy Man
As much about the dancing as singing, Candy Man’s pièce de résistance has to be the choreography, vivaciously performed by Wayne Scott Kermond

Doubt | State Theatre Company of South Australia
This is a thoughtful, well-wrought play that is bound to challenge, dabbling as it does in minefields which inevitably stir passions, suspicions, anger, fear, guilt, and most of all, doubt.

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