Moving Target
Moving Target is thought-provoking contemporary theatre, both bold in style and content.

Controlled Falling Project | This Side Up
Controlled Falling Project is a theatrical, acrobatic feast for the senses by the relatively new independent circus company from Melbourne

The Children’s Cheering Carpet
Toddlers agree and squeal in delight from the side lines and young people as well as parents and carers are entranced. What a joyous and playful way to be introduced to art making, theatre and dance.

Seven | Leigh Warren & Dancers
Leigh Warren has always pushed the boundaries. This production is no exception.

The Ghosts of Ricketts Hill | The Suitcase Royale
The Ghosts of Ricketts Hill, as the name may suggest, is an adventure ghost story, albeit an unconventional one.

The Tragical Life of Cheeseboy | Slingsby
The doors open and the crowd is directed into a dark space towards a tent with a warm glow. On reaching the tent the audience steps into another world.

Special Delivery | Patch Theatre Company
Special Delivery tells the story of a delivery man whose everyday world opens up to surprises, games and delight when the warehouse door stays shut.

Miss Saigon | Cameron Mackintosh
Thirty three million people can’t be wrong! That’s how many have seen and loved Miss Saigon, and there will be more.

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