Seven | Leigh Warren & Dancers
Leigh Warren has always pushed the boundaries. This production is no exception.

The Ghosts of Ricketts Hill | The Suitcase Royale
The Ghosts of Ricketts Hill, as the name may suggest, is an adventure ghost story, albeit an unconventional one.

The Tragical Life of Cheeseboy | Slingsby
The doors open and the crowd is directed into a dark space towards a tent with a warm glow. On reaching the tent the audience steps into another world.

Special Delivery | Patch Theatre Company
Special Delivery tells the story of a delivery man whose everyday world opens up to surprises, games and delight when the warehouse door stays shut.

Miss Saigon | Cameron Mackintosh
Thirty three million people can’t be wrong! That’s how many have seen and loved Miss Saigon, and there will be more.

Rachael Beck
Christmas in Australia was a definite theme of this misnamed “Proms” concert, which was also prettily peppered with the more traditional stuff

Two Old Queens
At the base of it all it’s relationships that count – whether you are a Queen or a queen.

The Choir of Westminster Abbey
Imagine the soaring vaults, the stately gothic arches, the stained glass windows, the antique grandeur of the stone pillars

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This is a production of which any director, cast and theatre company should be proud.