Frankenstein | Adelaide Repertory Theatre

The summer weather in Geneva was rotten in 1816 and five house-bound friends, three of whom were Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley and his 19 year-old wife Mary, told ghost stories to each other until it stopped raining.

Private Peaceful | Promise Adelaide

80 minutes long, one man on stage and a rapt audience. His name is Thomas, Tommo, and he’s about to die. That

The Wizard of Oz

This is Samantha Dodemaide’s first really big role as Dorothy and she fills it well. Her diction is clear, her singing voice good and she acts with conviction as the young, confused girl who travels into the unknown with her dog.

Xenos | Akram Khan Company

Akram’s dance was fiercely energetic exuding passion and energy, his body emitting terror, bewilderment and despair with different styles

Bernstein on Stage | Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

Sometimes going to the theatre is far, far more than “a nice night’s entertainment” – it’s a visceral experience – and such was Bernstein on Stage, a truly lovely event.

Freeze | Nick Steur

It was a dramatic start to Freeze. The 70 or so audience members were asked by Dutch visual/performance artist, Nick Steur, in the ABC Grainger Studio’s attractive foyer to be silent throughout, told that we could stand, walk about or, as most did, sit on the floor – and watch.

John Hinton's Scientrilogy: The Element in the Room | Tangram Theatre

This is the third of the trilogy and concerns the Polish woman Marie Curie who with her husband discovered radium and polonium and after his death, so much more.

Memorial | Brink Productions

Alice Oswald describes her text as “a translation of the Iliad’s atmosphere, not its story”. I immediately asked myself, does atmosphere need a translation?

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