Worlds End | Accidental Productions

Worlds End is a gem of a production performed by an ensemble of fine young actors in a small theatrette in Adelaide’s city centre.

The Candlestickmaker | Indian Ink Theatre Company

The stars in the firmament need no ornamentation to add to their natural beauty. Likewise The Candlestickmaker needs no embellishment to tell its tale of a brilliant astrophysicist.

True West | Flying Penguin Productions

True West is a bleak and dramatic expose of the human psyche, an expose that is at the same time very real and yet extremely surreal.

Metro Street | State Theatre Company of South Australia

Metro Street is a stellar new show that propels Australian musical theatre into a new galaxy.

Busting Out!

Tits, boobs, melons, jugs, bazookas. Whatever you want to call them the comedy show Busting Out has them aplenty.

I Love You, Bro | Three to a Room
It’s no mean feat for one person to hold an audience intently for an hour and a quarter just telling a story

Free Man of Color | Independent Theatre
In 1828, John Newton Templeton was the first black graduate of the University of Ohio (and only the fourth in the US), some 40 years before the emancipation of the slaves.

Potted Potter | Dan and Jeff

It’s all aboard the Hogwarts Express for mad muggles mayhem in the “Potted Potter” parody of the Harry Potter phenomenon.

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