Vanity Fair | Independent Theatre

Independent Theatre’s latest theatrical fare is a rich, colourful, carnivale adaptation of the classic novel Vanity Fair.

The Under Room |

Duplicity, shame, estrangement and empathy are at the heart of the play and this production is sometimes humane but always acutely disquieting.

Two | Junglebean Theatre

Two actors playing fourteen characters in a northern English pub; Jim Cartwright’s award-winning script is the star of the show.

Mr Freezy | Arena Theatre Company & Men of Steel

Mr Freezy makes an artform of playing with food – a concept fascinating to children who are constantly warned to mind their manners.

Liza Minnelli in Concert
From the moment she walked on to the stage in sparkly black, Liza held this audience enraptured. This is a remarkable performer.

The Yeomen of the Guard | Gilbert & Sullivan Society of SA
This must surely be one of the most difficult G&S works to pull off successfully. But the G & S Society delivers a satisfying if unchallenging result.

Oleanna | University of Adelaide Theatre Guild

David Mamet’s Oleanna is a finely-balanced expose of the impact of intellectualism out of control. Behind the cool façade of academic arguments the lives of the two characters are unraveling.

Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune | Mixed Salad

Mixed Salad’s Frankie and Johnny in the Claire de Lune is a sweet and funny play that is a deceptively complex, modern-day love story.

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Bees, death, astrophysics, entymology, string theory, words, and most of all, relationships are...

Carmina Burana by Carl Orff must surely be one of the gems of 20th century composition.

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