Julia Zemiro

Julia Zemiro is a well-known Australian radio host, TV presenter, actor, writer, singer and comedian, who also happens to be the Artistic Director of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival – the largest such festival anywhere – for 2019 and 2020. She spoke to Australian Stage's Peter Bleby about the 2019 program.

Juliette Burton

The UK's Juliette Burton is returning to Australia, and if you've seen any of her previous shows you'll know that this is good news for those with an appreciation of warm-hearted comedy.

Juliette Burton

To achieve a sold-out season and a chorus of rave reviews at the big daddy of all festivals – The Edinburgh Fringe – you have to be doing something right. One person who has just done exactly that is UK actor, writer and performer Juliette Burton.

Slava Grigoryan
The internationally acclaimed Slava Grigoryan is the Artistic Director of the imminent Adelaide International Guitar Festival.


It's the musical with a big heart and a contagious beat, stunning audiences and breaking box office records. This month, Matt Byrne Media gets set to welcome Adelaide to the 60s with a new, vibrant production of Hairspray.

Richard DiGregorio
Actor and writer Richard Di Gregorio appears at the Metropolitan Hotel in Grote Street, Adelaide performing in On Time as part of the 2012 Fringe Festival. He spoke to Australian Stage's Peter Bleby.

The Rock Show

Jon is smoking on the hotel balcony when I am ushered in. As a greeting I joke, “Is that how you maintain your voice?” He grins, sheepishly replying, “Ahhh no, no not that.”

How Does Your Arts Career Grow?

Any emerging artist will tell you it is difficult to break into the Arts industry, yet from what we heard at the panel discussion How Does Your Arts career Grow?, it doesn’t get any easier.