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Creation Creation

A comedy for young and old about life’s most burning questions… Based on real-life interviews with people aged 8 – 102, this hilarious theatre work turns cardboard boxes into battleships and ping pong balls into planets in an explosion of art, sculpture, and puppetry. 

How did the world begin?

Two fearless creators step onto the stage and attempt to unravel the mysteries of the universe using whatever tools are at their disposal. A daring and audacious journey to the very edge of the universe and back again. This wild theatrical experiment asks some of the big questions in life, including: How are babies made? Is there other life in the universe? And can anyone lick their own elbow?

This celebration of the inspirational, the improvisational, and the downright silly is highly recommended for intergenerational audiences.

Viewer discretion is advised, viewer curiosity is recommended.


Event details

Venue: Sydney Opera House - Studio
Bookings: https://www.sydneyoperahouse.com/events/whats-on/Kids-and-Families/2022/creation-creation.html

Friday 1 July; 7pm
Saturday 2 July; 2pm & 7pm
Sunday 3 July; 11am & 1.30pm
Monday 4 July; 11am & 1.30pm


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