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Appleton is a small country town being forced into the present with a recent influx of wealthy city slickers, tree changers and refugees.

Simmering tensions come to a head when new GP Penny Anderson discovers that the famous Appleton Potato Race awards $1000 prize money to men, and a measly $200 to women. When Penny decides to take steps to restore gender parity and coax Appleton into the 21st century, little could she have anticipated the spiralling, hilarious culture war that would follow.

Inspired by real-life events and featuring a cast of five fabulous women, The Appleton Ladies' Potato Race is a funny, honest and heart-warming story about upsetting the potato cart and standing up for your principles.


Event details

Venue: Cnr Glen Street, Blackbutts Rd, Belrose NSW 2085
Bookings: 9975 1455

Show times
Thu 13 May - 8:00 pm
Fri 14 May - 8:00 pm
Sat 15 May - 2:00 pm
Sat 15 May - 8:00 pm
Sun 16 May - 1:00 pm
Sun 16 May - 5:00 pm


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