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The Confessions Of Jeremy Perfect

The Confessions of Jeremy Perfect is a sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking dramedy set in an inner city family home.  This chaotic story centres around a husband with a compulsion to confess, a domineering wife obsessed with medicating him, a sister who wants to save everyone, a brother who just wants to be loved & a mistress who will stop at nothing to have the perfect baby.

 Through a whole lot of game playing, this "perfect" family will reveal their beauty, ugliness & humanity while hilariously trying to navigate the complexities of relationships, breeding in the 21st century, their obsession with perfection & the consequences of taking it to extremes

Richard Cotter directs. Gil Balfas, Mel Day, Emma Dalton, Johnny Sumelj and Andrea Mudbidri feature.


Venue: Flight Path Theatre
Dates: Tuesday 24 March 2020 – Saturday 04 April 2020
Bookings: https://www.flightpaththeatre.org/whats-on/confessions-of-jeremy-perfect-by-sandy-fairthorne



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