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Two Quarters Full

Catch the World Premiere of new Aussie play 'Two Quarters Full' by Iley Jones!

19 - 30th of June at Limelight Downstairs. 

Full: $29 
Concession: $25
Previews & Cheap Wednesdays: $20
Tickets: http://bit.ly/twoquartersfull

Two Quarters Full explores the lives of 4 adult’s in their mid-late 20's. The story addresses grief, love, and the turbulent relationships that it’s characters share. The play follows Christian, a not so by the books lawyer, who is suddenly faced with repercussions of decisions he’s made in the past; both personally and professionally. Suddenly confronted with potential unemployment, death, and his estranged brother showing up on his doorstep both Christian’s and the lives of those around him are thrown into disfunction and insecurity. Christian, Robin, Sarah, and Darren spend the span of play weaving in and out of each other’s lives constantly challenging each other to better understand themselves and the world around them. From moving house to experiencing the failings of the human body and everything in-between, their story is one of truth. At the heart of it, grief is prominently what is explored. The grief that we hide from the ones we love, and sometimes even ourselves. The strength to endure it and to admit it, and the comedy we find alongside it.


Written & Directed by Iley Jones
Produced by Amelia Gilday
Sean Bermingham
Alannah Robertson
Cheng Tang
Presented by Moontan Productions


Event details

Venue: Limelight Downstairs (Limelight on Oxford)
Bookings: http://bit.ly/twoquartersfull

Full: $29 Concession: $25 Previews & Cheap Wednesdays: $20


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