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Dreaming the Night Field: A Legend of Wales

Step into a world of Celtic music, magic and masterful storytelling!

Dreaming the Night Field: A Legend of Wales takes to the stage at Riverside Theatres as part of international tour.



Riverside Theatres invites audiences to step into a world of Celtic music, magic and masterful storytelling in the upcoming production, Dreaming the Night Field: A Legend of Wales, on Sunday 28th April. 


Presented by one of the UK’s most celebrated storytelling companies, Adverse Camber, the work beautifully melds fascinating storytelling with exquisitely haunting live music to evoke the Celtic spirit.


Acclaimed storyteller Michael Harvey, composer and musician Stacey Blythe and singer Lynn Denman will perform a magnetic retelling of one of the oldest Celtic myths, taken from the pages of the revered and ancient text, the Mabinogion. 


Set in medieval Wales, it follows the story of Gwydion, a magician and nephew to the King, who provokes a war between North and South Wales and unleashes a chaos of consequences. Conjured from flowers, an intoxicatingly beautiful woman is torn between desire and duty, with fateful results.


English and Welsh are artfully woven together to bring to life ancient voices and living landscapes for a truly exhilarating tale of honour, justice, good versus evil, and the deepest of love! 


Director Paula Crutchlow Storyteller Michael Harvey Singer Lynne Denham Composer/Musician Stacey Blythe

Recommended Ages: 12+


Event details

Venue: Riverside Theatres, Corner Church and Market St, Parramatta
Bookings: 8839 3399



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