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Seymour Centre And Knaïve Theatre Present Bin Laden: The One Man Show

Following hugely successful tours of the UK and the USA, the smash-hit theatre production, Bin Laden: The One Man Show, will head to the Seymour Centre for the show’s Sydney premiere from 3rd to 6th April.

Terrorist to some, hero to others, Osama Bin Laden became a symbol to people all over the world - but who was he really? What did we know about him beyond his deplorable acts of violence?

Bin Laden: The One Man Show attempts to answer these questions by telling the story of Osama Bin Laden from his days as a student to 9/11, shining a light on the man behind the monster and the human behind the headlines.

Presented by the UK's Knaïve Theatre, Bin Laden: The One Man Show has sold out seasons internationally and garnered critical accolades and multiple five-star reviews.

In this unnerving and unrelenting production, the story of one of the most notorious figures of the 21st Century will be revealed - providing a fresh perspective and a space for robust debate after every show.


Venue: Seymour Centre
Dates: Wednesday 03 April 2019 – Saturday 06 April 2019
Bookings: https://www.seymourcentre.com/events/event/bin-laden-the-one-man-show



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