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WE.ARE Dance Project … a not-for-profit commercial dance company "... by dancers, for dancers ..." with a mission to create exciting new works and employment opportunities for Australian performers and creative talent presents its premiere season 'FOUND' at Parade Theatre, NIDA for 5 shows only from 12 to 14 April.

Choreographed by renowned commercial choreographer Stephen Tannos (So You Think You Can Dance Australia, Dance Boss, The Dream Dance Company - Genesis) and a stellar cast of Sydney's most captivating, one-of-a-kind dancers Tannos begs the question throughout this dance-centric show, "What does it mean to be FOUND? ... What are you searching for? How do you get there? What does it take?"

Through six different story-lines culminating in an explosive finale, Tannos explores the many connotations of the word 'FOUND' ... the quest for love, the struggle with identity and dealing with expectation to name just a few. The storytelling is punchy, emotive and heartfelt using intertwined elements of light-hearted humour contrasted with moments of deep questioning and hard-hitting realisation. Discovery of true enlightenment and happiness is key to this narrative and the quest each dancer undertakes to achieve it.

Tannos promises to take the audience on an emotional rollercoaster and deliver storytelling that will

"... hit you straight in the chest!" Incorporating the individual and collective talents of an incredibly diverse world class cast, Tannos says " ... FOUND will be unlike any dance show you have ever seen!"

The narrative is told through a larger-than-life lens which is spectacularly punctuated with a musical repertoire of re-imagined classics from iconic artists such as Queen, The Beatles, Gotye and the enigmatic Prince.

Choreography is expertly fused between genres using cutting edge styles of commercial Contemporary, Jazz and Hip Hop and complimented with cinematic screen content, state of the art sound production and stunning lighting design. Stephen Tannos says he is revelling in the opportunity to finally put together a full piece of his own work with total creative control, amalgamating elements of his diverse body of work across his entire career.

Producers Chris Duncan and Lucas Newland have both been long term supporters and avid sponsors of numerous Australian dance companies over the past decade and are looking forward to adding to the body of exciting employment opportunities currently being created by like-minded peers.



Venue: NIDA Parade Theatre, Kensington
Dates: Friday 12 April 2019 – Sunday 14 April 2019
Bookings: 132 849



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