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Premium Semen - The Musical Comedy

Music and comedy unite to tell the story of Billy and Bob, two lovable bogan brothers who just want to save their sweet Granny. When the world’s sexiest rock-star comes to town, the brothers hatch a plan to steal his exorbitantly priced semen and sell it on to pay for their Granny’s operation. A simple enough task right?

This New Australian musical runs for 75 minutes and is 50/50 music and skits. The music has a distinct 70’s psychedelic-rock sound, paying heavy homage to The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Pink Floyd and The Mamas And The Papas. The skits on the other hand are inspired by Monty Python, The Book Of Mormon and Mr. Bean. The show draws on many styles of comedy, such as wordplay, improvisation, physical, and audience engagement, to satisfy one goal: get the audience in stitches!


Venue: New Theatre, Newtown
Dates: Saturday 15 September 2018 – Saturday 22 September 2018
Bookings: https://www.premiumsemen.com/



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