The Ugly One By Marius Von Mayenburg

In Brisbane’s newest theatre venue, Allentertainment brings to the stage a One-Act play confronting what it means to be “beautiful”.

Lette is a successful engineer who is also unspeakably ugly. When a plastic surgeon restructures his face, he emerges from the operation an Adonis.
His life changes overnight: women lust after him and men want to be him. But his dream life soon becomes a nightmare when his surgeon begins to offer the same face to anyone who will pay.

‘The Ugly One’ is a dark comedy and social satire about identity and contemporary narcissism. A modern day allegory that asks the question – how far would you go to fit in?

The Ugly One is showing 1 July - 9th July 


Event details

Venue: PIP Theatre 20 Park Road Milton

About PIP Theatre
PIP Theatre is a dedicated not-for-profit production company and performing arts venue. PIP Theatre collaborates with professional theatre producers and local charities to program theatre that combines powerful messages with definitive social action.
This July, PIP Theatre opens its doors for the first time with AllEntertainments production of 'The Ugly One' By Marius Von Mayenburg Translated by Maja Zade, in the new 100-seat performing arts venue.