Prolific creator and performance artist Justin Shoulder is a shapeshifter - building and inhabiting elaborate worlds both alien and familiar.

A carnivalesque biosphere of its own logic, AEON†: TITAN ARUM is a conservatory of imagined ‘exotic’, medicinal and dangerous species, questioning what it means to be in community with non-human kin. Inspired by the pageantry of nature, filipinx myth and continuing Justin’s interests in evolution and hybridity, AEON†: TITAN ARUM births beings of ambiguity to question are they pollinator, parasite or host?

With appearances throughout the installation and featuring a live score by Corin Ileto, witness elaborate craft meeting uncanny puppetry and the language of diasporic queer clubland as Justin inhabits these forms in a hyper-sensitive ceremony of dance, light and sound.


Event details

Venue: Nexus Arts
Bookings: Adelaide Festival Centre