Queenie lives alone and she likes it that way. Nowadays, Queenie allows her answering machine to act as guardian, sifting vigilantly through calls from debt-collectors, telemarketers or worst of all, her mother. She’s what you might call a ‘glamour-hermit’; an ex-cabaret star that just doesn’t come out at night anymore. Lately, she is more than sustained by singing to her empty living room or modelling for herself in the bathroom mirror. You see, Queenie has learned to sew the demons of her past into the seams of her sequin dresses; she’s stuffed what haunts her into the cushions of countless throw-pillows and tucked her trauma into the pages of piles of fashion magazines.

But Queenie’s answering machine is about to receive a call that she can’t ignore. A call that picks at the threads of her past and may leave her completely unravelled.

INVADER is a dark, camp and immersive romp that examines the way our joys and pleasures are a filter for our pain. It is a story of childhood trauma showing us that when we decide to live our lives alone, everyone is an invader.

IMRSE has built Queenie’s house into the Elements Collective's Warehouse and you are invited to witness her spectacular and tragic downfall. Peep through her windows, flick through her photo albums and rifle through her wardrobe. Just don’t get lost as the walls start to shift and the seams of Queenie’s world start to fray.


Event details

Venue: Elements Collective, Fortitude Valley
Bookings: Emma Churchland - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IMRSE is a new immersive theatre company in Brisbane. INVADER is the company's inaugural event.

Wednesday 18 August - 6:00pm
Thursday 19 August - 6:00pm
Thursday 19 August - 8:30pm
Friday 20 August - 6:00pm
Friday 20 August - 8:30pm
Saturday 21 August - 6:00pm
Saturday 21 August - 8:30pm